Providing technical solutions for our customers with the latest in IOT and sensor technologies.


Detection Innovation Group is a company that offers IOT sensors, RF detection products, and cloud solutions.



iLink is a low-cost easy-to-use system that enhances the wellness, safety, and security of incarcerated inmates.


When it comes to connectivity and digital transformation, Detection Innovation Group understands the security, scalability, flexibility, and performance characteristics of deploying cloud technology. All of our detection and sensor products use some combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google (GCP).



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Detection Innovation Solutions envisions a future with ever increasing applications of sensor development, remote sensing, and real-time data telemetry. As a result, we have concentrated our business around the development and use of analog sensors that make our lives safer including sensors that: Detect proximity, motion, low-level RF energy, visible and infrared light, mass specific absorption rates, electromagnetic signals, and thermal properties.


Cloud Services

From strategy to operations, Detection Innovation Group has developed software and system expertise in all aspects of cloud-based solutions. We estimate that over 90% of the worlds business workload will be processed by cloud data centers by the end of 2021. Our detection initiative is to use a combination of the largest enterprise cloud service providers to create reliable, scalable, and secure cloud-based solutions.




Through the use of sophisticated sensor fusion and advanced modeling, Detection Innovation Group captures data and applies the latest analytics techniques to leverage the aggregation of these sensors into formally unforeseen results.

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